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Luke Bong is the founder of Influence Mastery, one of the most comprehensive training programs in the science of influence for achievers. He helps men and women to realize their fullest potential and transform into powerful and ethical influencers. Luke delivers powerful and practical messages that inspire people to make a difference in their lives.

How do I make a difference in my life? This was the question that transformed Luke’s life and started him on the path of human potential development. At 20, he had hit rock-bottom in his career and finances. He felt disgusted because he had run away for the third time from three different landlords in a matter of 12 months because he couldn’t pay them rent. Frustrated by his knack for making one bad decision after another and trusting people blindly (too often the wrong people), he made a solid decision to change his life before life changed him. He embarked on a journey to rewrite his life.

Today, Luke is trusted by the leading companies to train their teams of performers to produce results. He works closely with companies and teams to re-energize their workplace and  increase personal and team effectiveness by engaging them to achieve  breakthroughs in their mindset and skills.

Luke is committed to helping you to achieve your objectives. He works closely with you to analyze your training needs and customizes the training program to best meet these objectives.

Luke’s training programs are professional, motivating, inspiring, engaging and filled with solid content. He believes strongly in Active Learning and that all learning must be practical. Most importantly, he is 100% focused on meeting your learning objectives.

Luke’s expertise are in:

  • Influence
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Sales and Performance Motivation
  • Presentation Skills

He conducts corporate in-house workshops, public seminars and speaks in conferences.

Discover fun and powerful ways to energize your organization, create healthy and positive relationships and motivate your team – STARTING TODAY!

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