How to Make Each Training Session You Conduct Amazing

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Over the past 8 years, I've conducted hundreds of training courses for businesses of various sizes and I will tell you this - GREAT TRAINING TAKES GREAT PLANNING.

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What people say about Luke Bong

Shirley LeongCountry Manager, Quest China

We engage Luke to conduct training courses to our MNC clients in China and Malaysia where he received outstanding ratings from his participants. Our clients speak highly of him because of his ability to customize his courses to meet their specific needs.

Peter LimAcademician

When it comes to my own training and development I want to learn from a trainer who is not just out to make a tonne of money. He or she must also have the passion to impart their knowledge and inspire people to change their lives for the better. Luke is that trainer for me.

The Book

Review from reader

Dr. Richard BolstadAuthor, NLP Master Trainer

Entrepreneur DNA is a complete kit for both established entrepreneurs and for those who want to be established.... it shows you the practical skills for creating a real connection with people and with what they truly want, and it shows you how to be truly persuasive because you understand how 'who you are' can make a difference.


How-to and inspirational articles to help you build, launch and grow a profitable training business so that you can impact more lives!

How to Build Credibility When You Are Just a New Trainer
Here is a catch-22 situation that all trainers face when they are just starting out. You see, in order to get engaged to conduct training, you need to have a certain amount of credibility. That’s for sure. But how do you get credibility when you are a new trainer? Now, that’s the challenge.
The Top 3 Must Dos When You Are a New Trainer
Are you a new trainer? Do you struggle with finding more training projects? This article shows you the top 3 high-value activities that you must do if you want to attract more businesses.
3 Myths About Becoming a Corporate Trainer
For every corporate trainer that is actively conducting training today, there are probably hundreds who have abandoned their dream of doing something that could impact people's lives positively.
How to Tell a Story That Engages Your Audience
Storytelling is the in thing nowadays. Advocates of storytelling will tell you that our brain is hardwired to it and we are all suckers for a good story. Recent evidence in the field of neuroscience seems to concur.
What’s the Right Corporate Training Model For You?
You’ve confirmed your first corporate training gig. What's more, it’s for a paying client. How good can it get, right? But before the celebration starts, ask yourself this question - does this training fit into your long term business model?

Download my 40-point Corporate Trainers Checklist for FREE!

100% Privacy. Guaranteed!