Embrace Your Fear

One of the most powerful, and maybe even destructive emotions that we, as humans have is fear. Since young, we were taught to face our fear, overcome it, defeat it and squash it. In short, we were taught that fear is our enemy. 

But, what if fear is not our enemy. What if it is actually our ally in disguise? Have you ever stopped for a moment to consider that? 

Every emotion that we have serves a purpose. In other words, there are no positive or negative emotions. Just the right or wrong timing of an emotion. 

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8 Life Lessons Learned From Mount Kinabalu

In May 2017, I climbed Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia for the very first time. In fact, it is my first time ever to climb any mountain for that matter. So, it was a very meaningful trip for me.

As I have a bad left knee, I took my own sweet time to complete the 4,095 meter-climbs. I was sure I was the last person to make it to the check point. Because of that, I had plenty of time to contemplate and take stock of my life.

In this video, I share on the 8 key-lessons which I took back with me from Mount Kinabalu. In summary, they are:

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