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TCT005 – Branding for Trainers Part 1

Just how important is branding to a trainer? Let's play this game. I'll call out a name and you'll call out what comes immediately to your mind. Are you ready? ....Here we go.

  1. Anthony Robbins
  2. Robert Kiyosaki
  3. Suze Orman
  4. Jillian Michaels
  5. Richard Bandler

Now, one more... YOU. Yes, what are you known for?

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How to Build Credibility When You Are Just a New Trainer

Here is a catch-22 situation that all trainers face when they are just starting out. You see, in order to get engaged to conduct training, you need to have a certain amount of credibility. That’s for sure. But how do you get credibility when you are a new trainer? Now, that’s the challenge.

In order to get credibility, you need to first be conducting training programmes for (hopefully) satisfied clients. But you can't get clients when you don't have much credibility. Can you see where this is getting to? It’s the classic chicken and egg dilemma.

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TCT004 – How to Write a Book Painlessly

Do you dream of writing a book?

Many people struggle with writing their book but it doesn't have to be painful. Sure, it requires effort but the process itself can be quite straightforward.

In this podcast, I am sharing with you the top tips which I've personally used to enable me to write my book Entrepreneur DNA, which was published by Kanyin Publications in 2014.

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TCT003 – Marketing Your Training Business via Online Portal

Trainers and speakers often find it very challenging to get booked. Hence, many trainers sign up with speakers’ bureaus to market their services to potential training clients.

But not all speakers’ bureaus are the same. While many of these bureaus still operate using the traditional offline approach, there is a new breed of speakers’ bureaus which are capitalising on the power and reach of the Internet to market their speakers innovatively.

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The Top 3 Must Dos When You Are a New Trainer

As a trainer, do you struggle with getting more training projects? I remember there was a time in my early days as a trainer when I felt frustrated because I couldn't get myself hired by my prospective clients despite working really hard. It was then I realized that although I was working hard, I wasn't working hard in the right areas. This article shows you the top 3 high-value activities that you MUST DO if you want to attract more training projects.

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TCT002 – The Importance of Sustainability in Your Training Business

There are many trainers who start off promisingly only to fizzle and even burn out in the end. How do you prevent this from ever happening to you?

To do this, you must focus on sustainability when building your training business. As much as you may like to just focus on doing what you do best, that is conducting the training sessions yourself, you must never neglect the business side of training.

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TCT001 – How to Become a Trainer

Do you dream of becoming a trainer? Have you ever wondered what are the criteria to becoming a trainer?

In this episode, I share about:

  • The 3 myths about training
  • The main criteria you must meet
  • 5 actions you need to take immediately to get you one step closer to becoming a professional trainer
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3 Myths About Becoming a Corporate Trainer

For every corporate trainer that is actively conducting training today, there are probably hundreds who have abandoned their dream of doing something that could impact people's lives positively. You don't have to be one of them. I'm here to tell you this - Don't believe in the following 3 myths that have robbed many aspiring trainers of their dreams.

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How to Tell a Story That Engages Your Audience

Storytelling is the in thing nowadays. Advocates of storytelling will tell you that our brain is hardwired to it and we are all suckers for a good story. Recent evidence in the field of neuroscience seems to concur.

In an article published by the University of California, Berkley in 2013, Dr. Paul J. Zak, an American neuroeconomist and scientist, reported that ‘stories shape our brains, tie strangers together, and move us to be more empathic and generous.’

But not all stories are created equal. If you think that you could just tell any story and expect your audience to be mesmerized by you, well, time to shelf that thought. In Dr. Zak’s research into how stories connect with their listeners, he discovered that there are 2 critical elements that make up a good story.

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What’s the Right Corporate Training Model For You?

You’ve confirmed your first corporate training gig. What's more, it’s for a paying client. How good can it get, right? But before the celebration starts, ask yourself this question - does this training fit into your long term business model? 

Many new trainers get stuck because they may have unknowingly set themselves up for major problems in the future. When you have an unclear corporate training business model or worse, no model at all, you may launch excitedly only to see your growth fizzle out.

For many new trainers who are just starting out, the excitement of securing a training gig could overshadow the foundational planning work that is necessary to ensure that the training projects they take on will not end up becoming a stumbling block in their growth.

So, how do you chart the direction for your training business? Here are 4 essential models that you can combine to create a corporate training model that's just right for you.

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