Entrepreneur DNA

How to make it BIG & PROFITABLE with a small-business

What you will learn in this book:
  • How to stay motivated and fired up in your business
  • How to run yoru business with real purpose and passion
  • How to re-set yourself to think like a successful entrepreneur
  • Unlearn the 25 bullshit that traps entrepreneurs
  • Learn the 10 entrepreneur mindsets that empowers you
  • Create 'you-niqueness' in your business to stand out from your competitors
  • How to create your own breakthroughs
  • How to turn your customers into your most powerful promoters
  • How to persuade and influence people effortlessly

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Entrepreneur DNA is your handy guide to building your small-business smarter and faster.

What Readers Are Saying about Entrepreneur DNA

Kelly SamsonLeadership & Executive Coach

Entrepreneur D.N.A is packed with real world tools and experiences that actually work. The hard-earned practical examples and exercises will help you step up to the next level in your business. Luke's refreshing mix of honesty, humour and wisdom has brought me powerful insights in building my business.

Emily BarnerEntrepreneur, Borneo Tribal Squad

Entrepreneur DNA is a comprehensive beginner's guide to the world of entrepreneurship. Luke has made this a very approachable, easy-to-follow guide for anyone thinking about entering the great world of entrepreneurship. Highly recommended, even for those who already run their own business.

Dr Antony HiiPresident of IBS College, Malaysia

Entrepreneur DNA is powerful, swift reading and jammed with many practical advice which will help you understand the importance of entrepreneurship and also how to become one. It also provides a good blueprint for entrepreneurs who want to take their organisations to greater heights.

Meet the Author - Luke Bong

´╗┐Luke is a Certified NLP trainer, author and entrepreneur. Since 2010, he's been building his company The Great Minds Group which specialises in the field of training and education. He helps aspiring entrepreneurs and trainers step up to reach their dream using the powerful skills of NLP.´╗┐

Luke is the host of The Corporate Trainers Podcast, a show that is dedicated to providing practical advice and tips to help trainers launch and grow a successful training business.

How do you start a small-business, grow it and make it big and profitable ?

The Entrepreneur DNA model will show you step-by-step how you can realise your entrepreneurial goals, avoid the pitfalls along the way and build a thriving business that you will be proud of.