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TCT001 – How to Become a Trainer

Do you dream of becoming a trainer? Have you ever wondered what are the criteria to becoming a trainer?

In this episode, I share about:

  • The 3 myths about training
  • The main criteria you must meet
  • 5 actions you need to take immediately to get you one step closer to becoming a professional trainer


    How to become a trainer

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    Webster says 02/09/2016

    Awesome points!
    something every new trainer should listen too

      Luke Bong says 02/09/2016

      Thank you for your comments Webster!

    Kate says 02/09/2016

    Fantastic Mr Bong; I see your points. Thank you for sharing and I hope to learn more from you. If you need assistance in your training sessions, please count me in. Kind regards

      Luke Bong says 02/09/2016

      Kate, I’m glad you found it useful. Thanks for listening to my podcast.

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