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How to stop watching your life happening from the outside and start unleashing the greatness within you!

30 May 2020, Saturday | 8:00pm - 9:30pm | Online Webinar

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Do you ever feel any of these about yourself?

  • You are unworthy of love. Any step forward may be met with ridicule and embarrassment
  • You are just not good enough to do what you truly want
  • No one understands you and people who do in the past have abandoned you
  • You feel that the floor may suddenly cave in under your feet
  • You fear the judgement from strangers even when you have done them no wrong
  • More than anything else in life, what you truly want is REDEMPTION

If you struggle with any of the above, you will find the answer you are looking for in this training.

In this free online training, you will learn how to unleash your hidden ability to manifest exponential growth, experience emotional freedom and create fulfilling relationships.

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In this webinar, you will learn

Discover what your U.M.P is and why it is the #1 factor that blocks you from the success you deserve.

Identify where these toxic U.M.P are located in your body.

5 Strategies you can use to clear your toxic U.M.P

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Hi! I'm Luke Bong and I'm the creator of Inner Work Transformation.

In my work helping people navigate through the crisis in their lives, I noticed that people, while uniquely different, all have seemingly predictable patterns of behaviour that resulted in them trapped in their crisis.

But why? Shouldn't there be the ideal way for people to live their lives?

I was damn curious so I started investigating. To cut a long story short, it wasn't the easiest thing to do. I made many mistakes along the way and very nearly gave up on a few occasions. You see, I couldn't find a method or system out there that worked for everybody.

Well, I'm sure glad I hang on because just as I was on the verge of throwing in the towel, I made an important discovery that has totally transformed the way I help people ever since. And that, my friend was how Inner Work was born.

In short, Inner Work empowers you to identify, what I now call, your U.M.P that were planted in your subconscious mind without you even realizing it!

You may not realize it yet but your U.M.P is fully responsible for all your greatest successes and most painful failures in life. You might be wondering. Is it really important that you identify your U.M.P(s)? You bet it is!

In this webinar that I'm conducting, I will show you step-by-step how to identify your U.M.P, locate the success blockers at your subconscious level and give you strategies to eliminate them!

I look forward to meeting you at the webinar!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I need to install any software to attend this webinar?
No, you don't need to download or install any software to join this webinar. You can join on your laptop, desktop, tablet and even smartphone. Oh, and you need the Internet, of course!

2) Is this webinar prerecorded?
No, it is not prerecorded. This is a 100% LIVE training. This means that you get to ask me your most pressing questions and receive instant feedback and guidance. Got something you are stuck with? No problem! Just come and ask me your question!

3) Can I really apply what you teach in my daily life?
Don't you hate it when a training webinar is nothing more than a lecturer teaching you confusing complex theories that you can't immediately apply in your life? Guess what? I hate it as much as you.
This webinar is all about implementation. The philosophy behind Inner Work is simply this If it won't work, toss it. 
So, yes. You will be immediately applying what I teach, even during the webinar itself. 

4) Is this going to be another one of those sales pitch webinar?
No, of course not! I will offer you an opportunity to continue learning with me at the end of the webinar. During the session, I'm fully committed to giving you practical ideas and strategies that you can immediately use to transform your life.

Ready to Find Out What Has Been Holding You Back in Life and How You Can Overcome It?

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